IR to RF Remote Converter

IR to RF Remote Converter
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Product Description

Most remote controls work by sending out a beam of light to control the electronics. This type of remote control is called an Infrared or IR remote.

In certain instances this can cause a problem if you want to organize your electronics behind wood doors or in another room. Furthermore in some rooms the electronics are hidden behind other furniture or your seating area may be at an extreme angle and your normal IR remote does not work reliably. Finally, in many bedroom applications the electronics may be hidden below the level of the bed making using the remotes next to impossible.

If any of these situations apply to you, you may want to convert your standard IR remote control into a Radio Frequency (or RF) controller. Simply speaking a RF remote control sends out a radio signal, instead of a beam of light solving all of the obstruction issues mentioned above.

This IR to RF remote control converter system works by replacing one of the batteries in your existing remote with a special rechargeable radio frequency battery. Your remote then sends out a radio signal to a small receiver that is placed next to your electronic(s). The receiver takes in the radio signal and in turns translates it back into infrared so the electronics work properly.

No programming is necessary.

-Comes with 2 rechargeable transmitter batteries

-Works with remotes that use AA and AAA batteries

-Comes with a single emitter to relay IR signals from receiving station to electronics

-Optional 3-eye or 6-eye emitters available to control three or six electronics accordingly

-The remote still will send out IR signals in addition to an RF signal once the transmitter battery has been inserted

-The receiving station requires an open power outlet