Cabinet Cooling System

Cabinet Cooling System
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Cabinet Cooling System
Today's advanced electronics are able to deliver a visually and acoustically enveloping home theater experience. This experience rivals that of today's modern movieplex.

As the quality of components escalates so to does their design complexity and the power and resources they demand. Along with this increase in performance it is very common to have an increase in heat. As you continually enjoy your home theater this heat continues to build up and can rise to hazardous levels.

At a minimum excessive heat levels can shorten the life span of your electronics. In a worse case scenario too much heat can actually physically damage your electronics.

The best way to effectively cool your furniture is our exclusive cabinet cooling system. The system features two large 4 1/2” diameter whisper fans mounted directly into the back panel.  A lower fan blows fresh air into the cabinet, and an upper fan draws warm air out.  This “push-pull” configuration is able to cycle up to 45 cubic feet of air per minute. 

Efficiency is increased further by replacing the standard wood component shelves with perforated steel shelves.  The steel shelves have over 280 holes in them, allowing the air travel up through one component layer to the next.  This is the best way to keep your equipment at approximate room temperature.  The fans are controlled by an adjustable speed control, or rheostat. 

While the fans can be plugged in to run continuously, on many installations, we plug them into the switched outlet on the back of the receiver so that they automatically come on when the receiver is powered up.

Our cabinet cooling forced air ventilation system including two fans, three steel shelves, and the adjustable rheostat is an optional feature that can be added to our Theater-Tech™, Evolution™, and Castleton™ Home Theater Furniture Systems for just $399.  It can also be retrofitted into many other enclosures, depending on their dimensions.

You spend hard earned dollars on your home theater equipment, why not maximize it’s lifespan and performance with an appropriate operating environment.  Proper equipment cooling/ventilation is just one more reason why Diamond Case Home Theater Furniture is the best choice for your system.  Please call myself or by brother Steve at 800-616-5354 with any questions or to place an order.